The Rotary Club of Oshtemo is participating in an exciting new fundraising program with  Oshtemo Rotary now has its own branded shopping portal or website, Rotary Club of Oshtemo Shopping Portal, for you to shop and earn CashBack while at the same time supporting The Rotary Club of Oshtemo. When you make a purchase through our portal at Rotary Club of Oshtemo Shopping Portal, the retail profit from any of the branded (“MA Branded”) products is donated back to our club. You earn CashBack and all products purchased, whether MA Branded or not, have a point value that allows the Oshtemo Rotary to accumulate points weekly towards royalty checks once they meet the minimum criteria.

When you shop through our portal, you are generating funds for Oshtemo Rotary, getting access to thousands of quality products, AND earning CashBack for yourself.


A Daily Essentials Kit, consisting of four 90-day bottles of supplements (OPC3, B-Complex, Multivitamin w/o Iron, and Calcium), item #6459, costs $150.00 + s/h ($1.67 + approximately $0.13 s/h or $1.80 per day). If only 10 individuals (members and/or their families and friends) would do this, the club would receive a check for an average of $134 per month.

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This is a great way to support our club and get the health benefits of great supplements at a reasonable price. You have thousands of products to choose from, including Beauty Products, Pet Health Products, Cleaning Products, and more.